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Regulator and Tank Service

Scuba-Fun Service Station

We can service your regulators and tanks in our dive center.

We Service and Repair major brands such as Aqualung, Scubapro and Sherwood, as well as most others.

Regulator Service:

1st and 2nd stages $25.00 per stage (plus spare parts)

We stock spare parts for all Aqualung and Apeks models, and most Sherwood and Scubapro models. For servicing other brands we recommend a reservation so that we can have the parts ready when you drop off your equipment.

Hydrostatic Testing, Visual Inspection, and other Services offered by Scuba-Fun for your High Pressure Cylinders:

Scuba-Fun provides fast and accurate service, 7 days a week.  Turn-around time for Hydrostatic Testing for a SCUBA cylinder is usually 3 to 4 days, sometimes sooner.


Hydrostatic Test (required every 5 years)  $50.00 (incl. VIP & Air Fill)

VIP (required annually) $18.00 (incl. Air Fill)

VIP Overnight $30.00 (incl. Air Fill)

Valve Service $12.00 plus spare parts

O2 Cleaning  call for pricing

Proper maintenance of scuba equipment is very important for several reasons. Not only is it safer to use, but it lasts longer and better maintains its value. All regulators should be serviced according to manufacturer's suggestions, which is usually once a year.

A scuba regulator is a complex piece of life-support equipment.  It represents a considerable amount of investment and value. Over the life of your regulator, contaminates from sand, salt, and chlorine can corrode your regulator, affecting performance and reliability. That’s why it is necessary to have your gear serviced by a certified repair facility. Let Scuba-Fun service your regulator.