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Help never looked like this before. Download the free Sea Tow app to get your local tides, GPS, weather, speed over ground and have the ability to call Sea Tow directly for assistance -  all in the palm of your hand.

The Sea Tow  app is available for iPhone and Android.


The value of a Sea Tow membership starts when you sign up and feel the distinct peace of mind of knowing you’re backed by the country’s premier on-water assistance fleet. From recreational power boaters, sailors, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts to professional mariners, there is a membership option for everyone.

Sea Tow is the #1 choice of boaters nationwide for expert on-water assistance. Our membership is a direct connection to highly professional, experienced captains who can help when it matters most. Whether you are new to boating or an old salt — they've got you covered.

Sea Tow Key Largo

Members can rest assured that the Sea Tow Kay Largo team is standing by 24/7 to assist them both on and off the water. In addition to all of our on-water services for members, Sea Tow and their team of expert captains provide multiple other services. They are expert small boat handlers and salvors with years of experience and a fleet of boats standing by.

Cheryl Powers, Capt. Steve Powers, Capt. Mike Mandulak and Capt. Rob Doyle

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Membership privileges include:

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