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Everglades Tour:

* Full day with saltwater and freshwater kayak tours and hikes

* Half day (half day can be turned into full day)

* Stop at Robbie's for famous milkshakes and fresh fruit

* Hike to an alligator hole

* View  and hear about the different ecological areas of the Everglades

* Kayak into the sunset (full day trips)

* Night hiking in the Everglades (owls, racoons, snakes, etc.) (full day trips)

This is not only a beautiful kayak tour, but also a comprehensive visit of the Everglades that "normal" tourists never see.

Agenda for the Everglades Kayak Tour - click here


A full day tour through the Everglades is only $150 per person* a half day tour is $125 and can be extended into a full day tour for an extra $25 (2 person minimum if there is no existing tour - call or email for dates) (Kids up to 12 $125 fullday / $100 half day).

* does not include entrance fee to the Everglades National Park ($15 / person or $30 / 4 persons)

Click here to see guest photos of an Everglades Kayak Tour

YouTube Video Kayak Everglades-Tour

YouTube Video Hiking Everglades-Tour (Thank you Sven!)

 Hiking & Kayak Trips in the Everglades with Garl


Take a guided tour through the Everglades on foot and in a kayak! Garl is the only official Everglades Kayak Guide and can show you the manatees, the alligators, the dolphins, the snakes, the turtles and the sharks, and many beautiful birds of all kinds.

More information at

Original Photos from one of our guests on the Everglades Tour:

Even more photos here

More photos here

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Agenda for the Everglades Kayak Tour:

The tour is not dangerous and suited for all ages. Single and double kayaks are available.

The full day tour begins in Key Largo at 12 noon (summer) or 11 am (winter). You can also meet Garl an hour later in Florida City (if booked).

The half day tour is only available on request and when available.

You can drive your own car into the park or ride with Garl in his van.

There are possibilies to buy food on the way to the park (not inside).

The drive from Key Largo into the Everglades to Flamingo takes about 1 1/2 hours, Garl will stop a few times on the way to show you his highlights.

The order of the following activities depends on the weather and the conditions and the type of trip:

* Everglades Freshwater Kayaktour (Mangroves, Crocodiles, Snakes, Turtles etc.)

* Hikes to Alligator Holes

* Everglades Brackwater Kayaktour (Alligators, Snakes, Turtles etc.)

* Everglades Saltwater Kayaktour (Lemon Sharks, Flamingos etc.) with sunset

* Night hike with Alligators, Owls, Racoons, Snakes etc.

Please bring: a change of clothing, long sleeves, hat and camera(!)

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