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The Everglades Alligator Farm is one of the few real working alligator farms that doesn't process alligators. Alligator eggs are collected every year, and sold to other alligator farms around the state. The farm has an awesome staff of Airboat drivers, Alligator Experts, and Snake Handlers.

A trip to the Everglades Alligator Farm includes a short exciting airboat tour of the surrounding river of grass, a walking trail around the farm to see the alligators, crocodiles, caimans, turtles, and wildlife, a great display of local and exotic snakes, and informational wildlife shows every hour as well as alligator and crocodile feedings.

The Scuba-Fun staff loves this place, it makes for a great adventurous couple of hours!!!! It is only a 45 minute drive from Key Largo (and we have coupons for $$ off admission…)

Here is what awaits you:

Alligator Feeding

It's feeding time for the gators, and they're hungry! In this show, you'll see and learn about how alligators feed in the wild. Over 500 gators live in this breeding pond area. It's a wild and crazy show. Watch gators chomp down, and crawl over one another to get a hearty meal.

Airboat Rides

Gliding across the river of grass is one of the highlights of the alligator farm. The guided tours cut through miles of preserved everglades, ripe with wildlife. The ride can be wet, wild, and loads of fun.

Alligator Shows

The alligator show is one of the most entertaining aspects of the farm. The expert handlers educate guests on all aspects of these creatures of the swamp. You'll see primitive capturing techniques once used by Native American Indians. Stay after the show while they pass out a live baby alligator for photo opportunities.

Here’s Scuba-Fun instructor Anya holding one of these cuties!

Snake Shows

The snake show is a great opportunity for finally getting over your fear of snakes. They walk you through information on what snakes to look out for while exploring the everglades. The dangerous effect of bringing new and invasive species in is also discussed. You will also get a chance to pass around a snake, and snap a picture of a face you will NEVER forget.

Map of the Farm:

(These will be handed out to you when you check in at the Farm)