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Discover / Try Scuba Scuba Diving

This program is the ideal way to experience scuba diving without having to enroll on a full course.

The Try Scuba / Discover Scuba Diving program lets you experience the thrill of diving under the close supervision of one of Scuba-Fun’s experienced Instructors in the pool and on our reefs. During your adventure, you'll master some basic scuba concepts and skills and you will have the opportunity to take part in a real open water adventure.

This program is the ideal way to experience scuba diving without having to enroll on a full course.

Scuba-Fun offers your scuba discovery as a full day experience with 2 real open water dives from the dive boat on our famous reefs.

An exciting day full of adventure lies ahead of you!


Anybody 10 years or older who is healthy and reasonably fit and feels comfortable in the water can participate in this program. You will need a swimsuit, a towel and sunscreen. For 10 and 11 year olds, either a private course or a minimum of 2 persons must be booked.

Please check out the prerequisite medical questionnaire here.

Course contents

Knowledge development and equipment handling

Your instructor will use scuba gear and videos to introduce you to the most important rules of scuba diving. This takes approximately 30 minutes. Would you like to do your academics online in advance? With SSI you can do this for free and with no obligations! Just register here and you will have free and instant access to the training materials online.

Pool Training

Your experienced and patient instructor will spend some time at the poolside to give you a detailed briefing about the following training session. Under water, shallow enough to stand up in, you can watch a slow and detailed demonstration of all the necessary skills. You will then have time to practice these skills under the instructor’s direct supervision.

Diving with tropical fish and coral

Once you have mastered the required skills you can continue with the most thrilling part of the program, the underwater tour. At a maximum depth of 12 meters / 40 feet your instructor will show you a huge variety of tropical coral and fish. Barracudas, snappers, groupers, trumpet fish and many other marine creatures will greet you in their world. Your experienced buddy and instructor understands your problems as a beginner and will be there to assist you while under water.

Free access to the online training materials - click here and register with no obligations

Scuba Discovery (1 Day) (includes academics, all rental gear, pool training, 2 boat dives on the reef with instructor and certificate)

US$ 199

including sales tax US$ 209,28

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