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Underwater Camera Rental

You can rent one of our excellent Sealife DC1400 digital underwater cameras for only $ 40 per trip (2 dives). The price includes your private folder on our server that you have access to from anywhere in the world* or a DVD with your pictures.

Our cameras are Sealife DC-1400 with 2,7" LCD display, underwater housings rated for 200 feet, 4 Gigabyte memory, 10 megapixels, 4 underwater modes, underwater HD video mode, 5x optical and 5x digital zoom. 

SeaLife's most technically advanced UW camera brings all the true colors of the water to your photographs. SeaLife's DC1400 14-megapixel camera has features specifically designed to allow for the best possible photographs, both in and out of the water.

The DC1400 includes four specially designed underwater modes that make it simple and easy to take perfect pictures in any water setting and its design includes large shutter button and well-spaced buttons, making the camera easy to handle and user-friendly.

We rent these cameras for just US$ 40 per trip / 2 dives, including a private online folder or DVD with your photos and videos!

Rent the Sealife Micro HD or the Sealife DC1400 to try them out, and we’ll credit you the full amount of your rental if you decide to purchase one of them after you’ve tried it!

The Micro HD rents out for $40 including private online folder or DVD (purchase price is then $359), the DC1400 rents out for $40 including private online folder or DVD (purchase price is then $459).

* We will email you the link to your folder immediately, and you are welcome to share it with your friends. As a bonus we will also send you a link to a folder with our underwater video and some nice underwater photos we took ourselves.