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Educational, Entertaining, and Refreshing; Take a Break From Your Routine and spend the day observing the extraordinary behavior of our striking marine life.

Exhibits & Experiences

Guided Tours: The educational tour is led by one of our professional marine biologists and takes guests to every major attraction within the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter park.

Coral Reef Tank: In the Coral Reef Tank a wide variety of local reef fish swim in colorful schools, while on the Predator Reef side, sharks and other residents amaze and inspire the guests.

Predator Reef Tank: In addition to different shark species, which include sand tiger, nurse, blacktip, sandbar, blacknose and bonnethead sharks, this tank is home to Goliath Grouper, snapper and jacks.

Tarpon Basin: Guests are invited to be a part of the action and interact with the tarpon to get a better feel for the power and speed of these fantastic marine creatures.  After all, wouldn’t you like to say you have hand-fed a tarpon?

Tide Pool Touch Tank: Experience a hands-on environment to touch living sea life. Both children and adults will be inspired by the amazing complexity of the starfish, the resilient nature of the Queen Conch and the friendly nature of the Horseshoe Crab.

Exclusive Encounters

Coral Reef Regulator Encounter: Visitors immerse themselves in the Coral Reef Encounter Tank, a diverse coral reef environment with a wide variety of Coral Reef inhabitants. The regulator package offers more delights past the standard Coral Reef Package.

Nursery Encounter: Assist one of the Marine Biologists with the training of several species of young stingrays. The Marine Biologist will teach you the step-by-step method of behavioral training, and allow you to participate in the process.

Stingray Encounter: The perfect adventure for anyone. This exclusive aquarium encounter puts you in the middle of the action with caribbean stingrays, including up-close and personal interaction with nature’s professional gliders.

Lagoon Snorkel Encounter: Guests are welcomed into the lagoon enclosure with access to snorkel and explore the unique inhabitants of the private saltwater lagoon. Within the lagoon visitors will find a wide variety of in-shore and coastal fish and other marine life.

Big Shark Bay Encounter: Nurse sharks are relatively docile sharks, making them easy for humans to interact within a controlled marine environment. Their unique eating style allows visitors to get up close and personal with and feed an adult nurse shark in the tank.

Coral reef Snorkel Encounter: The Coral Reef Encounter is the perfect adventure for anyone looking to experience the thrill of a thriving Florida Keys coral reef ecosystem firsthand! Get in the water and experience a thriving ecosystem in action.

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